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Fresh unique combinations of 100% meat, single ingredient treats & chews that you can't find elsewhere. Made fresh in San DiegoImage


By far, our most popular box! Handmade from roughly 6-7 lbs of fresh meat and seafood, this box comes with freshly air-dried muscle, organ and seafood meat treats and 3 different types of chews. A new variety of goodies in each box.

$35 / 4 weeks + FREE SHIPPING

Got a beast or little monster at home? Let us help you save your shoes with our Super Chews. Add a Super Chew on to any box we make! Just like our treats, we make a different Super Chew each month. Adjust the quantity anytime!

$7 each

Our treats are bite-size and freshly air-dried, made from 2-3 lbs of fresh meat. They're great for training and keeping your pups focused on the go. You can also use them as meal toppers to add a boost to their dry or fresh food!

$19 / 4 weeks + FREE SHIPPING

100% meat, 100% real food, made in small batches, delivered fresh directly to you at an affordable price.

Our plans are simple, straightforward and designed to serve your dog's changing needs.

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No fees, no commitment, skip a month or cancel anytime. You'll only be charged for what you've received.

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Here is what we do for your dog!

Here is what we do for your dog!

Every 4 weeks, we make a new combo of food to help meet your dog's nutritional needs. We hand-select and air-dry a variety of proteins in small batches from locally sourced meats so your dog can enjoy them while they're still fresh.

100% meat & made fresh
Single-ingredient & unprocessed

Canine appropriate
Fully digestible treats & chews

Variety in every box
Exciting & nutritionally balanced

Learn more about us

Feeding healthy shouldn’t be a luxury and doesn’t have to be complicated. Learn more about how and why we’ve made feeding real food convenient and affordable.

Myth: Feeding healthy is a luxury and complicated
Fact: Just like humans dogs also have food sensitivities
Don't Wait: Question your dog food maker & demand transparency
Fact: Not every dog is the same

Who we are?

We're health conscious dog lovers that believe food is medicine. That we should focus on preventing disease instead of treating it. We’re based in sunny San Diego,California and areon a mission to change the way we feed our dogs.

We don't just make awesome dog treats, we are fun too!

Raw vs. Air-dried : Compared in a Real Treat & Chew Box

Get the benefits of raw and the convenience of dried food. The treats & chews ↓ below were on the menu recently!


Experience the service!

Let us help you take better care of your dog. We will customize your subscription for your dog as we get to know them better. Our boxes are built with their nutritional needs and your busy life in mind — we do the work for you so you have more time to spend with your dog! Whether you're a experienced dog parent or just getting started with your pup, you'll be happy that you found us! Feeding real food couldn't be easier.


Image Your dog has a food allergy?

We got you! Throughout the year we have over 40 treats and chews we rotate through and we are constantly adding new items to our menu. We'll automatically replace anything your pup is sensitive to with a fresh item in our inventory.

Let us know your dog's allergies at the check-out or DM us


Image Something your dog didn’t like?

Just like you, dog's have preferences too. It’s all good. With our diverse selection of muscle and organ meats, seafood and chews, your pup won’t miss out.

We’ll replace anything your dog doesn't like for free and you’ll never see those items in your dog's box again.


Image Going on vacation?

Whether your dog comes with you or not, we’ll ship your box to wherever your pup is. Manage your dog’s food from anywhere on any device.

Manage your dog’s food from anywhere on any device.


Image Have you ever talked to your dog food company?

Neither have we! We believe you should be able to talk to whoever is making your dog's food, and now, you can talk to us. Chat with us anytime from your account or via text message.

Chat with us anytime from your account or via text message.

We will take good care of you!

See what dogs and other dog owners think about us — Let us help you feed your dog real food, too! Don’t take our word for it, read what people are saying about us.

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