A busy dog is a happy dog!

Our super chews are designed for the strong jaw, power chewers in your family. It’s tough enjoying movie night when your pup’s got nothing to keep them busy… but not anymore! Keep your dog challenged with one of our long lasting super chews.

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Super chews can been added on to any of our boxes Treat & Chew, Treat Only, Chew Only, or Mini Box.

What are your super chews?

Just like our treats, our super chews rotate each month. They’re built to last multiple chew sessions of at least 30 minutes each. This means your dog gets a jaw workout and mental challenge all in one.

Super chew
Some of our super chews include pig trotters, lamb femurs and spiral pizzles.

Extra-strong chew to keep your dog busy

Our super chews are made to give your dog fully digestible chews that keep them busy and mentally stimulated. Why destroy a stuffed toy when your dog can enjoy a good teeth cleaning and jaw exercising game.

  • 1 piece in every box
  • New Super Chew every 4 weeks
  • 100% meat & single-ingredient
  • Gently air-dried and made fresh
  • Canine Appropriate Chews

Sourced in California, made in San DiegoImage


Got a hyper little monster at home? Let us help you save your shoes with our Super Chews. Add as many Super Chews as you want to any box we make! Just like our treats, we make a fresh new Super Chew every 4 weeks. You decide how many shoes you want to save!

$10 each

100% meat, 100% real food, made in small batches in San Diego, delivered fresh directly to you at an affordable price.

Our plans are simple, straightforward and designed to serve your dog's changing needs.

Only Month to Month

You're not tied to a contract. No fees, no commitment, skip a month or cancel anytime. Stay a member for as long as you want. You'll only be charged for what you've received.

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Your box renews every four weeks. Each month we change the menu and you count on fresh food made to order delivered to your doorstep. There are no middlemen. Shipping directly to you means we can give you higher quality food for less.

100% Satisfaction

No hassle customer service, we will make it right. Period. Set preferences or allergy restrictions. We are available via text 7 days week 858-348-5954

It's an investment for your dog's life.

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