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Our flagship box with the most variety freshly air-dried treats and chews you can find. 100% meat treats perfect for high-value reward training and chews to keep your dog busy and entertained. All of our treats and chews are single ingredient, so if your pup has any protein allergies, we can easily customize your box to replace those items.

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You may find a smaller variety of treats and chews here Treat Only, Chew Only, Mini Box, or Super Chew.

What's in the Treat & Chew Box?

An entertained dog is a happy dog. Do you need a few mins? Let us keep them busy. Every month we send 8 to 10 freshly air-dried chews of different strength levels. Our chews will clean your pup’s teeth and keep them mentally stimulated, like an everlasting lollipop.

Organ Meat
The most highly coveted food by dogs because of their rich nutritional value. Our organ meats include more than just liver, we’ve got secreting organs that are difficult to source and deliver amazing health benefits.
Muscle Meat
These are lean proteins, thinly sliced and easy to break up for short training sessions or even topping your pup’s daily food for a boost of nutrition. You’ll see a variety of meats you’ve never seen before.
Seafood Treats
Whole fish, filleted fish and even green lipped mussels fall into this category. We know dogs cannot naturally produce omega-3s so we make these to help them get their much needed essential fatty acid intake.
Light Chew
Healthy snacking never felt so good. The light chews are a good source of nutrients & make for healthy and easy snacks. Their awkward shapes also encourage your pups to use their brain while chewing.
Medium Chew
Fun and more challenging for bigger and stronger chewers.You can play fetch with these or let your dog enjoy it them as an evening snack while you have dinner.
Heavy Chew
Your dog will love working on these chews. Designed to challenge your pup more that our light and medium chews, these heavy chews may last more than 1 chew session. For an even stronger chew, check out our Super Chews.

Nutrition, rewards and variety in one.

Our treats and chews are made to give your dog a boost of nutrition, amazing training experiences and a diversity of proteins and nutrition they might not usually have an opportunity to consume.

  • 7 oz of treats and 8 to 10 pieces in every box
  • New combination every 4 weeks
  • 100% meat & single-ingredient
  • Gently air-dried and made fresh
  • Canine Appropriate Chews

Sourced in California, made in San DiegoImage


We made this box for your dog with “food is medicine” in mind. We handmake different treats and chews every 4 weeks. We use roughly 6-7 lbs of quality fresh meat and seafood. At one low price, you get everything in the Treat Only Box and the Chew Only Box.

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100% meat, 100% real food, made in small batches, delivered fresh directly to you at an affordable price.

Our plans are simple, straightforward and designed to serve your dog's changing needs.

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No fees, no commitment, skip a month or cancel anytime. You'll only be charged for what you've received.

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It's an investment for your dog's life.

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